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Blaze makes it easy for creators to create their awesome UI libraries for Figma, Webflow, or TailwindCSS components, and list them on Marketplace.

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Keep all of your UI components in one place.

Blaze enables you to create multiple projects to store UI components that can be reused for your design and development. It is as simple as Ctrl C + Ctrl V.

Ignite your creativity for your next project with AI.

Blaze allows you to imagine the UI component you want to create for your next website or web application project. Using GPT-4, Blaze will create a TailwindCSS-based UI component from your text description.

Store a library of copyable UI components.

With Blaze, you can simply create a new component and copy and paste any UI component from different platforms, such as Webflow, Figma, TailwindCSS, etc., that you wish to store for future reuse.

List the library of UI components on Blaze Marketplace.

Blaze Marketplace enables all creators to monetise their awesome library of UI components for everyone to design and build better websites and applications.

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